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Chloe Jordan

Chloe Jordan is a native of Atlanta who discovered her passion for research after a journey in performing arts and business management. Although she didn't intend to become involved in research, the research field found her after joining the Emory University Hope Clinic's Community Advisory Board. She later became the United States Community Working Group (CWG) Protocol Team Representative. After working with the Community Engagement & Recruitment Team (CERT) on some of the first Trans-feminine inclusive research projects (HPTN 083 Infinity Study & HVTN 703/HPTN 081 AMP Study) in the United States, she knew her passion for research would extend to greater heights due to her appreciation of science and love of community.

 Chloe went on to become an accomplished Senior Research Coordinator at Emory@Grady with a passion for research, working on the first trans-feminine cohort study in the United States, The Leading Innovation For Transgender Women's Health and Empowerment (LITE) Study. This Johns Hopkins University-led study accessed HIV and STI incidents amongst the trans-feminine community and other socioeconomic determinants, such as education, employment, insurance coverage, and food security. She also worked with the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) on the first-ever CDC-led National HIV Behavioral Surveillance Among Transgender Women (NHBS-Trans) system. The goal was to conduct HIV-related biobehavioral surveillance to monitor behavioral risk factors, HIV testing behaviors, receipt of prevention services, use of prevention strategies, and HIV prevalence.

Chloe's research aspirations did not go unnoticed, as all of her hard work and perseverance led to her becoming an Emory University Department of General Internal Medicine Manager of Programs & Research. She now manages and mentors other coordinators for the division while continuing to lead efforts for JHU-led Enhanced Cohort methods for HIV Research and Epidemiology among Transgender women in the United States (ENCORE) Study and support efforts for ViiV Healthcare's Engaging Black Women on APRETUDE by Optimizing Novel Implementation Strategies (EBONI) Study.

Chloe has amassed a multitude of firsts, forever leaving a fingerprint in how clinical research is conducted in the local Trans and African American communities. Her dedication has led to her recently being awarded The Pioneer of Community Trans Life Award, established by Atlanta Black Pride in conjunction with In The Life Atlanta. Chloe has no plans of slowing down anytime soon as she continues to actively participate on numerous Community Advisory Boards, pursue her educational goals, and fight for Trans competence and inclusion in every arena she occupies. Her goal in life is "To show the world that Black women of Trans experience can indeed embody greatness in a world that says that we can't!”

Chloe Jordan
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