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Welcome to our research studies page.

As a member of The RISE Registry we can send you LGBTQIA+ related resources and research opportunities in your area. When registering, be sure to include your zip code in your responses.


The RISE Registry has reviewed these research studies to ensure they have been approved by the organization’s Institutional Review Board, and that they align with the mission and vision of The RISE Registry.


Disclaimer: The RISE Registry does not endorse or recommend a specific research study. This is simply for your convenience and is not intended to be a complete list of all research studies.

Culturally Based Values and Preferences for Clinician Care and Communication Transgender and Gender Diverse People with Serious Illness and their Partners


This study will include transgender people in the Southern United States who have/have had a serious medical illness requiring hospitalization, and/or their caregivers. The goal of this study is to better understand how transgender people and their loved ones or caregivers would like to be treated by healthcare providers. It is not required that the patient and caregiver are together in a relationship or that the caregiver is transgender.

We want to learn from you so that we can develop a program that will teach healthcare providers to treat transgender people with serious medical illnesses and their caregivers with respect, and in the way that the community desires. We are guided by an Advisory Group of members of the transgender community. And we are now recruiting participants to participate in a one-time, 90-minute interview. Call us at (205)-977-8948 or (205)-975-9943 or email us at

E2: Sex Hormones & Alzheimer's Disease Prevention Research Study

Atlanta, GA

This two year observational study, conducted by Dr. Whitney Wharton, aims to determine the relationship between blood and brain sex hormones and Alzheimer's disease risk factors during middle age.

Parkinson's Research with Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity


Parkinson’s Research with Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (“PRIDE”) focuses on understanding the health and health care needs of the LGBTQIA+ and non-LGBTQIA+ communities living with Parkinson’s disease. We are asking people living with Parkinson’s and those who help with their care to do a 45-minute survey over the phone. We value your time, so we are offering eligible participants a $25 electronic Visa card for completing the survey. Give us a call at 1-888-709-7689.

The Tele-STELLA Study: Using technology to support care partners for persons with Alzheimer's disease


Providing care for a family member with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD, aka, “dementia”) is both rewarding and risky. Care Partners exposed to chronic stress, often over years, are susceptible to physical and psychological ailments. Tele-STELLA was designed to address the specific needs of families living with moderate to severe dementia. Tele-STELLA is a multi-component, tailored intervention that begins with one-to-one sessions with each Care Partner and Guide, then links Care Partners to each other in a meaningful way to sustain support post intervention. Tele-STELLA is designed for families living in the later stages of dementia, where behavioral symptoms are more prominent and distressing.

Together We Thrive


Are you a Black Woman of Transgender experience who has survived discrimination or violence? Dr. Athena Sherman (Emory University Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing) is working on a research study to explore discrimination and mental health among Black transgender women, as well as recruiting participants for a clinical trial to study the impact of a community based intervention to improve mental health among Black transgender women who have survived violence and/or discrimination.

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